What is autoimmune rheumatic disease?

When the immune system attacks, destyoys body cells and tissue

Osteoarthitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crohn's disease.

It only destroys cells in the body if they are defective or not functioning in the right way, like cancer 

cells in the case of rheumatic disease the cells are defective that is contaminated.

The cause of autoimmune rheumatic disease is free Radicals that get into the body's cells are not 

complete molecules takes from healthy cells a component, the event turns the healthy cells into 

defective cells the immune system is tracking all of this and destroying them as fast as it can and you 

have swelling, pain and the destruction of your body.

          As a member you will recive a benefit list of products and supplements you need to take with no side effects.

I will tell you what you need and what you can do to support healthy cells 

        Traditional Medicine will say it's a mystery, or it's a defective gene 

 they give you anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs that supress pain

       Corticosteroid drugs like (prednisone) suppress the immune system 

Side effects -suppressing cyclooxygenase (COX) which protects the body;

will cause heart problems,acid ingestion, kidney problems, high blood presure,dizziness,diarrhea heartburn, headache,and rash.