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                                                                 Folk medicine

         Anthropologist who studied the peoples of the Amazon Out of 144 such primitive remedies used by the tribes 59 can be found in todays Pharimacopoeia.

       Primitive people used purges, emetics, liquid diets, and cleanliness in treating wounds.

       Chinese warriors cleansed wounds with sterile urine.

   The Hindo mystic calmed the mentally ill with Rauwaolfia centuries ago.

       The Egyptian priest was both drug mixer and a physician.

   he played on a harp of medicinal wood during his sick calls.

his recipes found their way in to Greece they form the basis of materia medica of the Hellenic civilization.

   The early jews gave us the first concepts of psychosomatic medicine and sanitation 

Moses set forth practical rules of health and nutrition he condemned foods that brought illness and ordered that the camp of his people be kept clean.

   for the lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp he said therefore it shall be kept immaculate.

     Hebrew writings tell us of the recognition of rats as carriers of the plague a discovery which would have saved millions of lives in the centuries to come.

   The Greeks took the conglomerate superstitions, remedies and knowledge of the Egyptians, Hebrewes and Babylonians and welded them into a philosophy of medicine discarding what they wished exalting what they admired tediously they then devised a medical system built on observation today it is the foundation upon which our own medical beliefs rest.

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